Simple Shortcuts to Make Work Easier

Use shortcuts and spend less time composing in Microsoft Word and Excel. Some of them you already know. Start using the ones you do not know. Substitute command for ctrl on the Mac.

Shortcuts without using your mouse:

Move right tab
Move left Tab + shift
Move down enter
Move up Enter + shift
Display print menu Ctrl + p
Save Ctrl + s
Create a new worksheet Ctrl + n
Undo an action Ctrl + z
Redo Ctrl + y
Cut Ctrl + x
Copy Ctrl + c
Paste Ctrl + v
Switch between open applications/files Alt + tab
Italics Ctrl + i

Style Options:

Bold Ctrl+2 or Ctrl + b
Italic Ctrl+3
Underline Ctrl+4
Strikethrough Ctrl+5
Font drop-down list Shift+Ctrl+F
Hide rows Ctrl+9
Hile columns Ctrl+0
Unhide rows Ctrl+Shift+
Unhide columns Ctrl+Shift+
Select line Shift + 3 clicks
Select files Shift + click

Do you have any favorite shortcuts you love to use? Tell me about them. I will share them in the near future.

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