How to Craft a Good Message

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How to LEND and LOAN

Use lend as a verb

I will lend Mavis my car for the weekend.

NOT loan Mavis my car.

Use loan as a noun

I am happy to give Mavis a loan of $500 to pay for her books.

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Who Moves to Find a Better Life?

I have noticed people using the terms migrant and immigrant interchangeably. But, they do have different meanings.

Migrants and immigrants both move around to find a better life. Here’s the difference:

A migrant leaves their country to get temporary work in another country. They intend to return to their country after a season.

An immigrant leaves their country with the intent to reside in another country permanently.

This blog post on Stilt. com,  a company focused on providing credit to immigrants and the underserved, gives a comprehensive explanation.

Should immigrants have rights?

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Migrants and Immigrants

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One is just like the other

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Quick Tip to Go: The Hyphen

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