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Time for a poetic interlude

Daydreaming Shoes I brought some tomatoes to market To sell for a dollar or two I’m trying to raise enough money To buy me some magical shoes   The shoes are encrusted with diamonds And fitted with drones in the … Continue reading

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What good is an abstract, anyway?

First of all, an abstract is a preview of your research findings. It summarizes your work in a page or less, giving the reader enough information to decide whether they want to read more about it or pass. As such … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Redundancies?

Redundancies do have their place. To emphasize something important in display advertising/marketing In jargon among legal professionals As a comedic device In written dialogue In storytelling The key is to know your audience. When writing for business and for academic … Continue reading

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A note on using pronouns ending in …self

These words should be used only when the noun or pronoun was referenced previously in your text. Continue reading

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Design Your Message for Best Results

Part of getting your message across to your audience successfully is designing your communication. Just as in the products that catch our eye, the visual appearance is just as important as the content. It may make or break your effort … Continue reading

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Five Activities to Improve Your Happiness

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word salad

Merriam Webster’s official definition: a string of empty, incoherent, unintelligible, or nonsensical words or comment. Addendum to definition: A speech given by President Donald J. Trump.    

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