Great Aunt or Grand Aunt: What am I?


Compliments of guest blogger, Dawn Marks

This year marks the third year in a row that two babies have been welcomed into my family within a 12- month period. Noooo! Not me.  My nieces and nephews are getting married and starting their families.  Early this week, my nephew’s wife welcomed an
8-pound baby — Asa — into the family.  My mom, sister and I got on a conference call and gushed over pictures of the new bundle of joy.  Handsome little fella.

I talked about how our family is busting at the seams with babies and proudly talked about my status as great aunt.  I joked that I know I’m great and that I’m an aunt, but am I really a great aunt or a grand aunt?   My mother’s mother is my grandmother, and her sister….well, is she a grand aunt or my great aunt?

According to, the sister or brother of one of my grandparents is a grand aunt or uncle. Grand indicates that it one generation away and great is for generations beyond that. However, colloquialism has settled on calling grand aunts and uncles, great aunts and uncles.

Whether you call me grand aunt or great aunt, know that I’m an aunt and I plan to be a great one. Welcome to Asa and the other one that’s on his way!

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