Dairy company could pay $10 million for want of a comma and a misused gerund…

A recent lawsuit ruling [https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/16/us/oxford-comma-lawsuit.html]  cost a Maine dairy company millions, and granted company truck drivers payment due for overtime work, because of negligence in using a comma and a gerund. This is a current example of the importance of going through the motions to make sure your work reads exactly as you meant. Mind your commas, gerunds,  (and all punctuation), and use a style guide. This case screams–

  • The power of writing correct grammar
  • The importance of proofreading
  • The importance of  writing and revisiting your work after a time, with fresh eyes
  • The value of having an editor to review your work
  • The significance of having a colleague or other person read after you

It takes collaboration to put your best word forward and give accurate, clear instructions to your readers.

Let me collaborate with you as you work to put your best word forward. E-mail editsbymarks@gmail.com or go to editsbymarks.com.

About The dutty is "the ground," the foundation, the earth--just like words are part of the foundation on which I build my life.

Reason for being: To tell stories and help writers and others with a message to put their best word forward.
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