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Use the Period to Command Attention

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Being Possessive

A guide to using the apostrophe Continue reading

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Use productive tools to keep your reader focused

  One way to diminish the effect of your message is to load it up with words that are neither useful nor productive. Two ways to kill your message: Write too many words to say something. Write something that does … Continue reading

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Tips for using a and an before words that start with h or u.

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To Be a Smooth Writer, Use Transitional Words and Phrases

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Different ways to acknowledge sources in your work

All stylebooks suggest the same information regarding citing and acknowledging sources; however, the order of that information varies based on how different academic fields prioritize different elements of a source of works cited or list of references.  The Modern Language … Continue reading

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Oral or Verbal: What’s the Difference?

  Today, I was working on editing a script and came across the use of oral. I pondered whether it would have been more appropriate to use verbal. After some investigation, I concluded that they may be used interchangeably. English is defined by … Continue reading

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A note on using pronouns ending in …self

These words should be used only when the noun or pronoun was referenced previously in your text. Continue reading

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Dairy company could pay $10 million for want of a comma and a misused gerund…

A recent lawsuit ruling []  cost a Maine dairy company millions, and granted company truck drivers payment due for overtime work, because of negligence in using a comma and a gerund. This is a current example of the importance of going through … Continue reading

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5 Rules for Using Hyphens in Compound Adjectives

A compound adjective is a modifier made up of two or more words. The general practice in writing is to use a hyphen if the compound adjective can be misread. There are several exceptions to this rule. The best reference … Continue reading

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